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"The Truth" Back in the 90's When Jara started Slapbak, everyone thought the name meant the slappin' of Jara's thumb up against his bass strings. Some even thought that it meant slappin' back against society because he never drank, smoked or tried drugs in his life. Well years later we discovered that Slapbak means none of the above, a matter of fact Slapbak isn't even a noun. It's a verb.... its an untouched force of action. This band hates hype, just like their song says "Dont Talk About It, Be About It" which means they are all about the delivery. This is the reason Slapbak hates bios or introductions before they hit the stage. The show and the music speaks for it's self. They have a undeniable sound that Jara has fine tuned over the years that he calls "Urban Crunch".........
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Up Coming Tour Dates
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The Word On Slapbak
Slapbak is finishing up their 20 year anniversary since the release of Fast Food Funkateers!! It'll include some remakes from Fast Food Funkateers.
Did you miss Slapbak performing live on Good Day LA (KTTV FOX 11)? Check it out here!
Slapbak just shot a new video "Dance All Night"....a new song off their new cd. Directed by Les Brandt.
SLAPBAK exposes the struggle with "Token Lover"
Ya probably don't want to
10/31/13 (9:00pm) - Slidebar in Fullerton, CA
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