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copyright 2011
10. I Am The Only One
11. My Precious Danger
12. Get It On
13. So Dogged
14. Though My Heart Is Yours
15. Number Z
1. So What
2. Trading Day
3. Idiot
4. It's All Real
5. Bad Decisions
6. It's I, Not You
7. Over Tried Again
8. Caught In The Rain
9. I Just Cant Let Go
It all started at 4 years old behind the drums, performing with his older teenage brothers and sister. By 16 he was playing all the instruments, writing & producing his own recordings. He became the founder and heartbeat of Slapbak and is still pumping blood through it's veins to date, as well as working with artists from The Time & En Vogue to Jordin Sparks. Right before doing Jordin Sparks in the fall of 2007, Jara decided to challenge himself and do a cd from top to bottom by himself (including the writing & recording) in a month. He succeeded in recording 10 songs in a month, then he got busy with Jordin. After sitting on it for 2 years he decided to do a few more songs in 2009. Then you guessed it....he sat on it again, because he started Slapbak in motion again. 2011 he added two more and called it finished LOL. He's still sitting on it, but he thought he would atleast make it available for his immediate fans right now.......WOW!!!!!